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Rio Illao

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, few individuals embody the spirit of innovation as profoundly as our CEO, Rio Ilao, featured in Inquirer pages on August 25, 2023. At the heart of MobileOptima’s success story lies Tarkie, a groundbreaking solution redefining how businesses manage their field operations. In an interview with Josiah Go, join us as we delve into a Q&A with Rio Ilao, exploring the product innovation of Tarkie, its transformative impact, and the valuable insights she has gained along the journey.

Q1: Product Innovation of Tarkie: Addressing Challenges with Solutions

Imagine navigating the complexities of a retail business with an extensive network of branches and a workforce exceeding a hundred employees. This thrilling industry was not without its challenges. MobileOptima's CEO, Rio Ilao, and her husband, Jerry Ilao, confronted the difficulties of employee management head-on, giving rise to the concept of Tarkie. The journey began with a seemingly simple incident—a loud rooster crow in the background during a phone call that exposed a supervisor's true location where he was supposed to be in the mall. This incident sparked the realization of the need for a tool that could enhance transparency in field employee monitoring.

Yet, the challenges extended beyond this moment. Issues like delivery productivity and employee accountability became persistent concerns. These challenges, rather than deterring innovation, became the means for it. Sharing their experiences with fellow entrepreneurs revealed that these struggles were far from unique. This collective realization ignited a relentless determination to refine Tarkie into a comprehensive solution capable of addressing the persistent industry problems.

Q2: Tarkie's Impact Across Diverse Industries

Tarkie is not a mere solution; it's a versatile tool that empowers businesses of all sizes with field-based teams. Companies, of any size, that have field employees like merchandisers, sales agents, delivery crew, technicians, auditors, or even those who have work-from-home employees, can benefit from Tarkie.

Through the digitalization of attendance, itineraries, and tasks, Tarkie equips businesses to unlock elevated levels of productivity. An example of this impact is seen in Chooks To Go, where Tarkie contributed to a staggering 100% increase in field employee productivity. Similarly, Uratex revolutionized its sales reporting process, transitioning from a heavy six-week cycle to real-time updates, leading to increased efficiency. Tarkie's capabilities transcend employee tracking, offering real-time insights into critical business metrics, thereby showcasing its adaptability across industries.

Q3: Navigating Uncharted Waters: Tarkie in the Pandemic Era

The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in unparalleled challenges, necessitating rapid shifts in operational paradigms. MobileOptima's response was both swift and innovative—the introduction of "Tarkie Work-From-Home." Seamlessly integrating with platforms such as Zoom and incorporating task management modules, this innovative feature empowered managers to gain visibility into remote team activities, fostering accountability in virtual work environments. This pivot highlighted Tarkie's ability to evolve in tandem with businesses, even during turbulent times, enhancing efficiency and transparency.

Q4: A Blueprint for Successful Field Automation Adoption

Drawing from her extensive experience overseeing over a hundred implementations, Rio Ilao offers a comprehensive guide for organizations venturing into field automation solutions. The journey begins by addressing one pain point at a time, steering clear of the attraction to undertake a complete digital transformation. This will help companies smoothly move to the next phase. Also, the selection of service providers deeply committed to mutual growth, equipped not only with expertise but also localized support, is of utmost importance.  Above all, Rio understands the significance of management determination in overcoming challenges and fostering a culture that prioritizes innovation.

Q5: Forging Ahead: Guidance for Future Innovators

For those embracing digital transformation and the path of tech automation innovation, Rio Ilao shares invaluable insights. She emphasizes placing the customer at the core of the journey and embracing adaptability. Tarkie's evolution began with modest tracking functionalities, a transformation that mirrored the changing of customer demands. From a tracking tool to a sales force automation tool, that includes workforce management, digital forms automation, sales, inventory and service modules, etc. Rio's guidance centers on delivering tangible value and maintaining a growth mindset aligned with the dynamic landscape of customer needs.

MobileOptima's journey is a testament to the boundless potential of technology to reshape traditional processes and boost exponential growth. Through Tarkie, our CEO, Rio Ilao, harnessed innovation, and adaptability to empower businesses across diverse industries. This narrative stands as an inspiration, a guiding light illuminating the transformative influence of technology on the path to a brighter future. 

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