Tarkie For Sales

Increasing sales through real-time data analytics and collaboration

collaborate with your team

Tarkie gives you a Collaboration Feed that is designed for business use. Securely create and manage groups. Share tamper-proof photos. Get feedback and support from each other in real-time.

Capture Key Sales Metrics in Real-Time and React Fast!

With Tarkie's dynamic configuration, customize and monitor the metrics that are important for you – sales offtake, orders, out-of-stock, expiration, shelving targets, product availability, shelf prices, competitive activities, etc.

Boost Productivity and Coverage Discipline with Automated Analytics

Increase productivity by as much as 50%. Analyze and optimize coverage routes. Measure daily productivity targets. Get objective analytics that will enable you to boost your team’s performance.

Your Team's Personal Assistant

Make field work easier for your team by automating the inefficient manual processes that take up as much as 25% of their time, such as attendance reporting, field expense filing, itinerary accomplishment reporting, etc. All reports are backed up by secure date and time stamps, photo proofs, and GPS data.

Tarkie For Service

Improving service through real-time visibility and service automation

Deploy Faster with Real-Time Location Visibility

Backed by Geo-Smart Technology, Tarkie gives you real-time location visibility on your fleet, so you can improve your response time to your customers. Easily dispatch work orders to the nearest service team, for faster turnaround time.

Digitize Service Forms with Tamper-Proof Photo Documentation

No need for your team to bring that thick binder of paper forms. Easily digitize all your service forms in Tarkie. Enter data and capture service fulfillment proofs like signature and photos, all through the Tarkie mobile app. All information are supported by secure date and time stamps and geo-tags.

Communicate with Customers through Integrated SMS and Email

With Tarkie’s integrated SMS and Email platform, automatically inform your customers that service is on its way or that service has been completed.

Easily Manage Tools Inventory

Tarkie understands that inventory tracking can be a headache, so easily manage inventory movements like issuances and consumption of your tools within Tarkie.

Improve Customer Service through Real-Time Service Rating Analytics

Get real-time customer feedback on your service team’s performance. Respond fast to unhappy customers. Incentivize top-performing service teams.

Success Stories

+ 51%
+ 5016

  From zero to 360-degree visibility and automation  

40% Increase in Store Coverage

90% Automation of Manual Processes

P18M or $360K Savings per Year

VP Sales
Tarkie Client since November 2015

  Now on our 3rd year with Tarkie. Tarkie is one of the best investments we've made!  

50% Increase in Productivity

55% Reduction in Travel time

Vice President
Tarkie Client since November 2016

  I highly recommend Tarkie!  

50% Increase in Audited Stores

Attendance validation from 3 hours down to 30 mins

VP for Operations
Tarkie Client since November 2015

  Tarkie was a big enabler for us in improving customer service!  

37% Faster Response Rate

Service Operations Officer
Tarkie Client since June 2016


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