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The success of any business is largely determined by the productivity of its employees, especially those in the field. However, monitoring employees can be a major challenge for businesses. Fortunately, there are advanced tools that can make it easier to keep track of employees and their activities while they're out on the job. From GPS tracking to tamper-proof photos, these tools can help businesses gain real-time insight into their employees' tasks and optimize decision-making. In this blog post, we explore the various ways that businesses can use these advanced tools to monitor their field personnel and increase productivity.

Exploring the benefits of monitoring employee performance

Employee productivity is an important part of any business's success - it directly impacts customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and cost savings.

GPS tracking and tamper-proof photos help employers gain valuable information about their personnel and ensure they are completing tasks correctly and within designated time frames. Businesses stand to benefit from using such monitoring tools by optimizing their resources and maximizing employee work.

I. Enhancing Location with GPS for Field Employee

GPS Tracking in Laptop

GPS tracking technology has become essential for businesses that employ field personnel. By taking advantage of location data, businesses can optimize their workflows and maximize work time.

Here are some examples of how GPS technology can be used to enhance the monitoring of employees:

1. Tracking Employee Movements

- GPS tracking allows managers to monitor the movements of their field personnel during work hours, ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently and on schedule. It also helps protect against unauthorized activities or misuse of company monitoring software.

2. Verifying Task Completion

- With GPS-enabled devices, employers can verify when certain tasks have been completed by their employees in the field. This feature is especially useful for accurately billing customers for services rendered or tracking delivery orders in real-time.

3. Monitoring Employee Safety

- In addition to improving operational efficiency, GPS technology can also be used to keep track of employee safety while they're out in the field. By being able to locate workers at any given time, employers can ensure their safety in case they find themselves in an emergency or hostile environment, such as a riot or natural disaster.

By leveraging location data through advanced tools such as GPS tracking systems, businesses can make better decisions regarding operations and cost reduction strategies while also improving customer service and employee safety standards overall. 

II. Managing Field Expenses easily with Digital Reports

Digital Reports

For organizations with field personnel, monitoring and recording expenditures can be a long process. Fortunately, modern tools are available to simplify the tracking and reimbursement of employee expenses.

Automated report-generation techniques grant businesses a clearer view of their spending activities while eliminating much of the manual labor associated with expense management.

It is a powerful tool for managing field expenses digitally, enhancing productivity levels across organizations while providing greater control over financial losses due to unauthorized activity or substandard performance standards. Businesses stand to benefit from increased decision-making capabilities coupled with audit trails for compliance purposes when utilizing this technology in their expense management strategies.

Integrating these tools with existing payroll and accounting systems streamlines all tracking into one place for easy access and analysis. Through automated reports, companies gain timely insight into their daily operations while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations regarding expense management. With improved visibility over employee spending activities, budgeting decisions become more informed, resulting in better efficiency and cost minimization.

III. Making Proactive Decisions with Smart Alerts

Smart alerts

Automated alerts can be set up to notify supervisors of any unauthorized activities or tasks that are not completed in the designated time frame so that issues can be addressed quickly.

This type of proactive decision-making provides employees with an additional layer of guidance and oversight, adding a sense of security and trust within the organization.

Additionally, automated alerts can be customized depending on your company's policies and procedures, allowing you to set up specific rules that apply to different types of expenses. Receive notifications when there are questionable activities in the field that you should know. This type of monitoring system helps to ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities and, in turn, strengthens the organization's risk management strategy.

IV. Empowering Decision-Making with Real-time Reports


Real-time reporting is rapidly becoming an invaluable asset for businesses of all sizes. By providing managers with the data they need to make informed decisions, these tools can help drive business growth and profitability.

This is why real-time reporting is so important for businesses in today's market. It also provides the transparency needed to ensure that everyone involved is working in the same direction.

With access to data, it is possible to monitor the progress of tasks and projects, enabling businesses to meet their goals faster. It allows managers to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise, helping to keep projects on track.

With powerful insights into employee performance, spending habits, task completion times, and more, businesses can easily identify areas of improvement and adjust their operations accordingly. Go paperless and check timely data from a central dashboard viewable from a laptop or mobile phone to maximize your business's potential.

Making Every Day in the Field Productive with Tarkie!

The key to making every day in the field productive is using advanced modern tools. By integrating customer data, tracking service requests, and verifying task completion with these solutions, businesses can stay organized and properly document all activities.

There are different employee monitoring software for your field team that employers use to monitor employee activity, employee location, and time tracking. For example, our very own Tarkie, helps businesses in various industries stay ahead of the competition and maximize their potential in the field through Tarkie Employee Productivity Tool.

Say goodbye to outdated manual tracking methods because it's time for your business to revolutionize your approach to employee management by utilizing the power of advanced tools with Tarkie. Tarkie's suite of advanced tools makes it easy to keep track of field employees with its GPS-enabled time tracking, automated scheduling, and real-time alerts. No more manually tracking time and attendance, employees can now use their mobile devices to log in and out of jobs quickly and accurately. Also, with our Tarkie Manager App, managers can easily monitor employee performance and make sure that the team is on track to meet their goals and achieve success.

Transform your workplace with Tarkie and make managing teams easier than ever before. We provide the best training and support for you and your team!

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