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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the 15-day trial work?

After signing up for your trial, you and your field employees will get access to ALL features of Tarkie. One of our Client Success Officers will work with you closely to help you get started with your free trial and will be with you throughout the trial period so you can assess Tarkie based on your needs and usage.

How many employees can I
register for the free trial?

We don't have a limit on the number of the employee to be enrolled in Tarkie. You can enroll as many field employees as you want.

What the limits in Tarkie's features
under free trial?

You and your field employees will have access to all Tarkie features when you sign up. This includes the mobile app's features and the dashboard features plus analytics.

Is the trial really free?

Yes. Tarkie is entirely free during trial. We will never require you with your credit card information. You can even opt out anytime during your trial period. When you sign up, you will just need to determine and provide your own mobile devices where Tarkie will be installed.

What happens at the end of my

Before the end of your trial, you will be reminded to upgrade your subscription sooner. We recommend that you upgrade before your trial ends to avoid interruption with your usage. Simply contact your dedicated Client Success Officer to officially subscribe to Tarkie.

Your trial account will be your permanent Tarkie account which means all your customizations, data and actions will remain unchanged.

If you decide not to purchase Tarkie at the end of your trial, your account and your field employees' accesses will be void.


How many Tarkie licenses can
I avail?

As many as you want. One license means one field employee. Multiple employees cannot share in a single license. However, you can transfer a Tarkie license when one of your employees resigned.

What are my payment options?

You can choose from 2 subscription plans: 1) Annual, where you will be billed annually based on the number of licenses you avail, server fee included; and 2) Lifetime, where you will only be billed once and be able to use Tarkie as long as you want. You only need to pay for the yearly server fee for this.

Is VAT included in the price?

No. All fees are VAT excluded.

Can I buy features a la carte?
I don't need all of these features

We normally offer Tarkie as an all-in-one package system. However, you will also be given the option to remove some features that you may deem unnecessary for your business.

Are there any add-on fees?

For both Annual and Lifetime Plans, there will be one-time set-up fee which will be used in transferring your data from the trial server to the live server. Moving your data to live server ensures your Tarkie's optimum performance as your data grow. For Lifetime Plan, pay only a minimal server fee yearly.

How long are your contracts? Can
I cancel my subscription anytime?

We require a minimum of one year locked-in period for clients who opt in for annual subscription. And yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime during your contract.


What mobile phones can my
employees use?

Tarkie app works on any android device with front and rear camera. We strongly suggest using mobile device with high battery capacity. For complete list of recommended devices, please contact us.

Do we need mobile internet
connection to start using Tarkie?

The Tarkie mobile app for field employees works both offline and online. All data captured while employee is offline will be stored in the device and can be synced to the dashboard once the internet connection is available. Meanwhile, dashboard can be only accessed online.

Will my company data be private
and safe?

Yes. We take data safety and security seriously. All your company data shared with Tarkie will be kept safe via Tarkie Cloud System. Our competitive live servers are fully encrypt with strong layers of security for your peace of mind.

My employee resigned. Can I
transfer his tarkie license to the
new hire?

Yes. Resigning employee can transfer his license to the new employee.

I have more questions.

Our Support Center is one 24/7. You can
also email our support team for further questions or clarifications. When you sign up for free trial, a personal Client Success Officer will always be there to assist you.

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