• Tarkie is a complete productivity solution for
    field employees.

Tarkie works from your employee's mobile app to your web-based dashboard. All data gathered by the app will
be automatically reflected on the dashboard, providing you all the information you need comprehensively
monitor your employees' activities real time.

The Tarkie App

  • Automate Reports and gather real-time data from the field. Data which used to take days or even weeks to consolidate can now be done with ease and efficiency.

  • Put your employees' to-do list on their mobile phones. All itineraries you create will be displayed on their Tarkie app. No more appointment slips or bulky planners.

  • With Tarkie app, your employees can tag their expenses as they spend as they travel, all from their phones. All recorded cost is even supported with GPS coordinates.

  • Ask your employees to take pictures of themselves or the location or anything that can serve as proof of their task completion.

The Tarkie Dashboard

  • Monitor your team in one view. See who's on break or on a meeting. Check route maps to know where they are real-time

  • Access online client database and reports in one place. It automatically updates information and is stored in the Cloud so you can open files and reports virtually anywhere from any device.

  • With your field employees recording expense from the app, you can easily view and audit costs with ease. Download expense reports with a single click.

  • Check who's performing well via scoreboards, view consolidated photo documentations, add or modify itineraries per employee or per teamed more!

Boost the productivity of your field staff with Tarkie

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