DGPI, Operator of The Generics Pharmacy, Formally Joins Tarkie

By  Alexander Duca on June 17, 2016

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QUEZON CITY – Managing hundreds of outlets is never an easy task. This is why Doctors Generics Pharmacy Inc. (DGPI) finds Tarkie productivity app one of the most relevant software products they have integrated in the company. DGPI is the number 1 franchisee and operator of The Generics Pharmacy (TGP) with over 100 acquired outlets nationwide. DGPI is also a leading retailer of pharmaceutical products, food supplement and other complementary products.

Attended by Mr Brice Justin Godfried II, DGPI’s VP for Operations and Tarkie’s Corporate Relations Manager Ms Rio Ilao, the contract signing marks the official partnership of the two companies in bringing increased field workforce productivity and sales.

“Tarkie is the best productivity partner a company can have. We’ve seen a 50% increase, from 2 to 3 audits per day,” said Brice. He also attest that their attendance processing time was also minimized by 90%. “From 3-4 hours of manual processing of the attendance, we are now processing it for only 30 minutes with Tarkie,” added Brice.

DGPI uses Tarkie in 4 of their most vital teams: Auditors, IT guys, delivery personnel and operations staff. With Tarkie, DGPI now has visibility with their field workforce activities and accomplishments.



Ms Rio handed over a simple token to Mr Brice.


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Drew Santos (Tarkie’s Client Success Officer to DGPI), Brice Godfried II (DGPI VP for Operations) and Rio Ilao (Tarkie’s Corporate Relations Manager).


DGPI employees are happy Tarkie users!

Tarkie continuous to offer FREE Trial period to interested companies.

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