5 Ways to Motivate Field Employees

By  Jerry Ilao on October 23, 2014

6- 5 ways to motivate

A successful business can’t just rely on customers and revenue. Employees are the backbone of any company. That’s why we find it odd when businesses don’t prioritize their employees. After all, they’re out there doing the work!If you want to know effective ways to motivate your field employees, read on:

  1. It’s Not Always About The Money

While financial incentives are well and good, using that alone won’t ensure an employee’s productivity. Motivation that’s based on material things will hurt you in the future as this is only teaching your employees to put prices on every task they do. Genuine interest in keeping them happy will go much further than you would expect so do your best to ask them about what would motivate them more.

  1. Find Ways To Make Field Work More Comfortable

Like everything else in business, proper investment is key. Giving your employees better options for accommodations and transportation is one such investment. They will remain loyal and grateful, and when it comes to field work, lowering employee turnover is more important than ever. You’re sure to reap the rewards if you invest in your employees’ comfort.

  1. Regularly Show Appreciation

Let’s face it: field work tends to be unpleasant most of the time. While regular office work can be stressful already, adding the fact that they have to be moving all the time means they’re drained both physically and mentally. This could discourage even the most driven employee so make sure that they know that the company appreciates all the work they’re doing.

Giving them feedback and sharing words of appreciation are great. Formal recognition is even better! You can do this by giving performance bonuses among others.

  1. Take Advantage of Technology

Just because you can’t be there to physically supervise your employees as much as you can do to an office employee doesn’t mean you abandon them completely. There are a lot of new apps and technologies that you can use to stay connected with your employees and let them know that you’re there for when they need any assistance. Knowing that they have someone to turn to for when a task is tough will definitely boost their efficiency. Also, these new tools can help them simplify their work even while they’re on the go.

  1. Communicate Openly and Often

It’s important to treat people as more than employees. While you don’t need to be involved in their day-to-day life, it would mean a lot if you would get to know them and their life beyond the work place. This may be difficult for large teams but a great way to do this is to hold regular company get-togethers so you can at least try to know some of your team members. Even a simple email now and then asking about their day would work!

Of course, no amount of external motivation would work if your employees don’t have enough internal drive for their selves. But as long as you are a responsible employer who provides them with the external motivation they need, expect vast improvements in their efficiency and production.

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