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How to Address Performance Issues with Your Employees

By  Jerry Ilao on August 10, 2014

3 - 1 Employee Issues

Sometimes, the success of a business depends more on its people than its customers. Employees that are unfocused and underperform can kill a business but when managed right, these employees can become its greatest strength. Take care to manage employees well unless you want to risk damaging your company.

Experienced business managers know that how an employee behaves isn’t the sole responsibility of anyone. It’s a team effort that both the individual and the manager has to work on together. If the behavior of an employee is becoming a cause for concern, you should remember that this person was originally hired because their attitude and skills were right for the job. Don’t immediately write them off as good managers have to consider their own people management skills and find out how to help struggling employees find their lost focus at work.

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